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Steve Trautmann

Steve Trautmann
Steve Trautmann was born and raised in California. After high school he postponed college after his journalism teacher told him he probably wasn’t tethered to the truth tightly enough to be happy as a journalist, and that he should stick to writing fiction, especially humor. Directly after High School he joined the U.S. Air Force and became an Arabic translator. After the USAF, he went to College and studied Theatre and Film at UCLA, graduating with B.A.

Michelle Cushing
Michelle is the author of From a Vine, Faith Orion’s Field, and Rosabelle, believe. In addition to her literary work, she co­produced two films that went to the Cannes Film Festival, co­wrote/directed the video game Moonblood for City Morph Studio, and has written feature films for various production companies.
She graduated with honors from the University of Arkansas with a degree in journalism. Her articles have appeared on Yahoo News and in multiple publications. She is the sister of writer Christie XT Cushing (The Mask of Aubrey Clover) and cousin of legendary actor Peter Cushing.

Christie Cushing
Cousin of horror film legend Peter Cushing and sister of writer Michelle Cushing (Rosabelle, believe), Christie XT Cushing is the author of The Wax Girl and the Copper Soldier, The Girl in the Bell Tower, BOTCHO, IN LOVE WITH A HEADSTONE, and the highly acclaimed novel The Mask of Aubrey Clover. Her films include Smudge and Songbird (Honora Productions) and Room 731, starring Tim Kang (CBS’ The Mentalist). She co­wrote/directed the sci­fi video game Moonblood for City Morph Studio.
A recipient of the Burton Goldberg award for writing, in addition to the Jones Award, XT studied dramatic writing and film at both New York University and the University of Southern California. Her film Scars at the Spook House played at the Cannes Film Festival, her screenplay Koi’s Nightjar won at the Beijing Screenplay Competition, and her script Adelia’s Uprising was a selection at the Austin Film Festival.

B.R. Stanley
At home both on a set and off, B.R. Stanley has produced several short films, including the award-winning “In the Shadows.” Stanley’s film and TV scripts have garnered the attention of such major players as NBC, TriStar Columbia, Jon Peters, ION Network and Paramount Pictures. With a love of fast cars and things that go “boom,” Stanley’s projects can best be described as “character-driven action.” Other genres include dramedy, mystery and sci-fi.
Request Resume via email at filmtrix@mac.com

Donald Willis
Don studied screenwriting in Oregon and wrote novels (the Kindle versions of Lie of Duty and Net-Stalker are still available internationally on Amazon), and wrote his first screenplay, the film adaptation of Net-Stalker in 2001 and had it optioned in 2002. To gain experience he wrote script coverage for two art-house Hollywood studios from 2002-2004, and for the past eight years Don has collaborated on sitcom pilots and several feature films.His tastes in writing run the gamut from drama to comedy to animation, even horror, and my research skills are the very best. His script, Rommel, was a semi-finalist in 2013 in the Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition.

Norman William Tveit
An award-winning ‘zine editor, visual artist and filmmaker, he is passionate about art, truth and social justice. THE DEATH OF EDGAR ALLAN POE is his brilliant commercial screenplay. He currently resides at the base of the Yellowstone volcano.​

Ken Ginnaty
On my own at 17. Freedom without money nor wheels. Worked many mundane jobs.
Recorded rock bands and the local symphony.
The eighties with Burlington Northern Railroad, from the tracks to a cook car.
A Bachelor of Arts in 1991 in Film and TV.
Boom Man, Local 695 ,1996.
Got into local Television Commercial Production
My pipe dreams evolve into “The Death of Edgar Allan Poe”

Adrineh Telime
After her children’s fantasy thriller The Boy in a Bubble won first place at Sunny Brae Elementary School, Adrineh Telime’s passion for writing struck at the age of seven.
She has recently earned a Bachelor of Arts, Cinema and Television with an emphasis in Screenwriting degree. Her treatment for a one-hour drama caught the attention of a producer who sought her out to write the pilot for his up-and-coming television show. Adrineh is well-versed in drama, fantasy and family-comedy genres.

Robert Kirschten
Robert Kirschten has written seven screenplays in the genre of broad comedy, including HOTEL SCHOOL, BARREL ROLL, CROSSWORD, and TYRANNOSAURUS SEX, plus a pilot for a sitcom–ALIVE & KICKING.
His screenplay HOTEL SCHOOL is winner of the Best Screenplay Award at the Red Wasp Film Festival.
His screenplay BARREL ROLL is winner of the Best Screenplay Award at Red Wasp and “best comedy” at Woods Hole Film Festival.

Robert Rivenbark
Robert Rivenbark won a full scholarship to earn his M.A. in Creative Writing from Antioch University, studying in London, England, under Paul Thompson, Resident Dramatist at the Royal Shakespeare Company and National Theater. He will direct L.A.MERIKA, his dramedy about life in post-recession Los Angeles, as an indie feature in 2015. He’s also scripted two dramatic TV pilots with writing partner Elizabeth Rockett. Robert’s screenplay, VICTORIA OF MURRAY HILL, co-written with Kate Danaher, is a finalist in the Athena Film Festival 2015, in New York, NY; a Second Rounder at the Austin Film Festival 2014; and a First Rounder in the L.A.-based 2014 Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards.

Elizabeth Rockett
Elizabeth has been writing poetry along with nonfiction articles from magazines since the early ‘90s. She was the story editor for the short film We Just Met, along with being a Semi-finalist in Final Draft Big Break, top 8% and top 20% in Nicholl Fellowship, top 5% in The Page and three other contests. She is a script reader for The Big Bear Lake Film Contest, CA, runs a writer’s blog on Facebook (Rockett Writer Group). She has attended numerous workshops including, but not limited to: David Freeman “Beyond Structure,” UCLA Extension, Sherwood Oaks Experimental College, Screenwriting U, Danny Manus, Glenn Benest’s professional writer group, Jen Grisanti’s 10-week TV pilot seminar, and more.

Ron Chaney Jr.
Ron Chaney is a lifelong Coachella Valley resident and contractor who has been involved with local schools, youth sports, and charitable events for many years in the valley. As he transitioned from a contractor to the entertainment business, Ron began to produce, write, act, license, and grow the family business hoping to reintroduce the Chaneys’ creativity to a new generation.

J. Morvay
Morvay is the author and creator of the popular and controversial comic book LOBSTER GIRL. As a kid, he was a comic book aficionado as well as an avid reader of fiction. He really enjoyed the old comic classics of literary works, Dickens’ Oliver Twist and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. He found it challenging to write a fiction­like plot with fully developed characters in a mere 31 pages. These characters journey through a hellish labyrinth of subway tunnels to monasteries and prisons. Jon also wanted the blood, sex and gore; but it was important to have sympathetic characters and pathos. LOBSTER GIRL is Pop Gothic Horror.