Submission Policy:

Please send just the synopsis.
If accepted, we will return a submission release for you to sign and return with a step outline only.
If accepted we will request the script in a .pdf form only.

B.R. Stanley
At home both on a set and off, B.R. Stanley has produced several short films, including the award-winning “In the Shadows.” Stanley’s film and TV scripts have garnered the attention of such major players as NBC, TriStar Columbia, Jon Peters, ION Network and Paramount Pictures. With a love of fast cars and things that go “boom,” Stanley’s projects can best be described as “character-driven action.” Other genres include dramedy, mystery and sci-fi.
Request Resume via email at filmtrix@mac.com

Sean Devine
Sean Devine is currently writing spec episodic teleplays and is focusing on writing several of his own pilots and features.

Rick Giernoth
Rick started his writing career as a novelist, but after writing his first screenplay he was hooked. Not one to stick to one genre, Rick may be working on anything ranging from comedy to romance to horror. This self described story teller simply wants to entertain you with his tales.

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